GMAS offers our students opportunities to participate in student exchange, both hosting and sending programs.

Since 2012, we have participated in the Western Australian Association of Teachers of Italian (WAATI) exchange. This is a cultural exchange where GMAS families host an Italian student in July/August and then our students, at the end of Year 10 or 11, are given the opportunity to spend the Christmas holidays in Italy. The program  is an extremely cost effective way for our students to have an international exchange experience.

Year 9 students can apply for the Busselton Sugito Sister City Committee exchange program. They host a Japanese student for 10 days in August and then go to Japan for 10 days in October. There are many other exchange organisations which our school has worked with in the past, including AFS, Student Exchange Australia/New Zealand, Echanges Culturels Internationaux and Southern Cross Cultural Exchange.

Students are encouraged to speak to our Exchange Coordinator should they be interested in participating in any form of student exchange.

Student exchange is a life changing opportunity which enables students to develop an understanding and acceptance of other cultures, as well as independence and maturity. It also fosters an appreciation of home and family and leads to enhances social skills and self-esteem. GMAS values the international friendships that our students have made as a result of involvement in the various programs we offer, and the perspective they gain from having students from other countries in our classrooms.ships