a GMAS Beanie Competition

Design a GMAS Beanie Competition!

Would you like to design a GMAS Beanie and have your creation come to life?

We invite you to enter the Design a GMAS Beanie Competition!

Here’s some important information you need to know -

  • Who can enter? The competition is open to all GMAS Students & Staff
  • Does my design have to be hand drawn? Designs can be created digitally or hand drawn
  • How can I enter? Hand drawn entries can be dropped into reception/digital entries can be emailed to
  • Is there a template to use? Yes! The template can be found here or a printed copy can be picked up from Reception
  • What should I think about when designing my beanie? Consider school colours, any additions such as pom poms and remember, your beanie must display the letters GMAS
  • How will the final favourite design will be chosen? The final design will be chosen by the Principal and a selection of student leaders
  • When do entries open and close? Entries open – 2 August / Entries close – 31 August

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