Containers for Change

Containers for Change has teamed with the GMAS P and F in an exciting opportunity to raise much-needed funds, as well as showing a commitment to the environment and encouraging better recycling behaviours in the community. So, why not bring your containers to GMAS to assist fundraising for the P and F today?

The GMAS P and F will receive the full 10-cent refund for each container and you're doing your part for the community and the environment! It's a win win!

Eligible containers can be dropped into the provided green bin (which can be found here) 7am - 6pm weekdays during term time and 8am - 4pm during school holidays.

Cash4 Cans eligible containers

Cash4 Cans ineligible containers

Three Reasons to bring in your containers!

1. Help keep precious resources out of landfill and litter out of the environment. 44% of litter in WA is beverage containers.

2. Support the GMAS P&F.

3. Teach children about the value of community, work, and the importance of recycling.

Any questions about the Containers for Change program - please call 9752 5252 or email

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