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About the P&F

The P&F Association is a group of dedicated volunteer parents and caregivers who join together to promote a sense of community and to support GMAS in various fundraising projects to provide additional facilities and resources that otherwise might not be possible.

The primary purpose of the P&F is 'friendraising', providing parents and caregivers with the opportunity to connect with other families at the School in a casual setting.

The P&F greatly contributes to the vibrancy of the school calendar, by hosting a number of social and community events each year, including a discos, cake stalls, sausage sizzles, book fairs, Mother's and Father's Day stalls and book fairs. They also provide assistance with co-curricular activities, working bees, outdoor education, sewing projects and costuming.

All parents and caregivers of students attending GMAS are encouraged to join the P&F.

P&F Representatives

Each year, the P&F calls upon parents and caregivers in Primary School to act as a liaison point between the P&F, the School and the class/year level. The role of the P&F Representatives strengthen the link between the school and parent community and is another great way for parents to meet and build relationships outside of the classroom. P&F Representatives assist teachers with correspondence and help to organise P&F events.

If you would like to volunteer as a classroom representative - more information can be found here:

P&F Representative Role Description and Registration 2024 P&F Representative Role Description and Registration 2024

P&F Committee 2024

  • President: Angie Baum
  • Vice President: Amelia Grey
  • Vice President: Katie Cole
  • Treasurer: Katie Koy
  • Secretary: Toni Munro
  • Committee: Matt Nichols, Kelsie Cann, Colwyn Murphy, Sam Reither, Andrew Mencshelyi, Linda Voss

P&F Meeting Dates 2024

Meetings are held every month between February and November and attending a meeting is a great way to connect with the P&F, make new friends, learn about upcoming plans and offer suggestions/input.


Contact the P&F

To contact the P&F, please email President Angie Baum.


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