Message 08/02/2022

Dear Parents and Carers

As many of you are aware, the Premier has recently announced the high caseload measures for schools and childcare that are effective today. For your reference, the following are links to government web pages outlining the Premier's media announcement:

Further to the Premier’s Media Conference, I confirm that effective immediately…

  • No indoor face-to-face events, apart from normal classes (further correspondence in regards to co-curricular and tutoring activities will be released shortly)
  • Choirs, orchestras, bands and ensembles have been suspended
  • Assemblies are cancelled
  • Parents can continue to pick-up and drop-off students but are not permitted to enter classrooms. Gathering of parents on the School Campus should be avoided
  1. LG/Kindy drop off and pick up at the door
  2. PP drop and pick-up at the PP gate
  3. Year 1 to 6 - Kiss and Drop
  • Parent-teacher meetings will be held online
  • School camps are postponed

Please be assured we will keep you updated, and will continue to monitor our position in relation to COVID-19 and schooling.

Thank you for all your ongoing support as we navigate through this phase.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Ted Kosicki

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