Message 11/02/2022

Dear Parents / Carers

The ASC Principals are now meeting on a weekly basis as we navigate our way through this latest round of Covid information.

The following GMAS specific dot points may assist as you plan around the changes taking place in our educational setting.

  • Our IGNITE Camp program is put on hold for the time being, and we will endeavour to reschedule these. If this cannot happen, then full camp refunds will be provided to parents.
  • We are looking at options on how to conduct our planned swimming carnivals. The secondary carnival scheduled for 2 March cannot take place in its current format, and as such, we are investigating options for students to still take part, albeit in a different format.
  • ASC schools will not be attending the ACC Interschool swimming carnival.
  • Chapel will be rescheduled to classroom size groupings.
  • The Library and MAC will reopen next week on a Year by Year rotation.
  • Community sporting teams are still in operation and after school training can continue allowing for Covid protocols.
  • In school co-curricular will resume with some adjustments. All groupings with be required to be capped to the limit of a class size grouping.
  • Study groups will resume in single year group configurations.
  • Parent access to the school is limited so please use the perimeter of the school when dropping multiple students and avoid crossing through the centre of the school.
  • All parent teacher correspondence should be via email, telephone call, SEQTA or a Teams meeting.
  • The Year 12 Ball is permitted under the Government guidelines and Palmers Winery regulations.
  • Separate play areas have been implemented in the Primary areas.
  • Remote Learning protocols are being practiced in all Year levels, using the SEQTA, TEAMS and SeeSaw platforms. We ask if students can please bring earphones to school each day to allow this process to run smoothly.
  • School and Year Assemblies will have adjusted structures. Parents are not permitted to be in attendance.
  • Foundation Day Mass and Activities have been postponed.
  • We are asking for all visitors to wear a mask when on site.

Please be assured we will keep you updated, and will continue to monitor our position in relation to COVID-19 and schooling.
Thank you for all your ongoing support as we navigate through this complex phase in our schooling term. Should you have any queries or concerns please contact the administration team for assistance

Kind Regards

Ted Kosicki, Principal

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