School Council

The School Council provides oversight in relation to strategic direction and key business decisions. Working in partnership with the School Leadership, the Council seek to achieve the best learning outcomes for our students. Membership of the Council comprises of representatives appointed from the Bishop of Bunbury, the Anglican Schools Commission, the Diocesan Council, the Parents & Friends Association and the Old Georgians Association. All members hold office for a period of three years.

Members of the School Council:

  • Chair: John Williams
  • Deputy Chair: Eleanor Lewin
  • Members: Michael Brown, Jacqueline Warner, Andrew Gibson, Vanessa Willmott, Roger Marriott, Marilyn Royer, Karen Johnson
  • Ex-Officio: Ted Kosicki (Principal), Pablo Sandor (Secretary)
  • Visitors: Reverend Peter Laurence OAM, The Right Reverend Dr Ian Coutts

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