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Our Gifted and Talented philosophy ensures that we build challenge and extension into our existing classes, right across Kindergarten to Year 12, as well as through specialised programs.

We focus on the emotional development of our Gifted and Talented students, as much as their intellectual development. We encourage the interaction of students across sub-schools, so that our younger students may also have the opportunity to develop their critical, creative and collaborative thinking in a supportive environment led by students.

The intention is to ensure that students develop good social connections across the school, while being extended in fun, positive ways. Through this whole school approach, we are committed to the social, emotional and intellectual development of all students, no matter what gifts or talents they possess.

A Whole School Approach

We cater for Gifted and Talented students in the following ways:

  • Differentiated programs run within every classroom, ensuring that all students are able to tackle challenges that further extend their understanding of the content and skills required to succeed through diverse and challenging activities, rather than through providing additional work
  • In the Secondary School, classes are streamed by aptitude, ensuring that students of similar ability are supported in a compatible environment
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in unique, highly developed programs, such as Prometheus; which draws selected students outside of the classroom to develop their critical, creative and collaborative thinking
  • Opportunities for peer mentoring across year levels
  • A range of co-curricular activities and clubs designed to extend knowledge and skills
  • The opportunity to participate in a range of local, state, national and international competitions and events

Gifted & Talented Programs

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