George's Journey

14 July 2023 in Community


As most of you are aware it was George’s birthday on Tuesday 11 July. He had a great day and was spoilt in all sorts of ways! I think you will agree we are very fortunate to have George in our lives!

George came to mind when over the break, Ms Watson saw a list of things that require no talent. Why George? Well, she thought if George could do all of these things, then of course each of us could too!

Being on Time

George is on time for school, for meetings and for his classes.

Are you on time for your commitments? Do you get up in time in the morning? Do you arrive at class on time?

It is easy to be on time, especially if you have someone to help you – George has Ms Watson and most people have someone to assist and guide them.

Work Ethic

George is committed to his job and he works hard. He is so tired when he gets home!

Do you always work hard and stay committed to the job you have?


George always puts in a good effort, sometimes what he does is not perfect but he certainly tries hard.

What about you? Do you give 100% to everything you do? There is no skill or talent involved in effort.

Body Language

George always seems happy to be at school, he walks around with his head held high giving off a good vibe.

Do you smile at the staff at GMAS? Do you sit tall and not slouch at assembly? Do you wear your uniform proudly?


George seems to be pretty positive most of the time, although he can get a bit frustrated when he is not given the snacks he wants! He loves joining in on classes and is getting used to the positive attitude he needs to have.

Do you come to school with a can-do attitude? Do you face things in a positive way?


George has a passion for doing zoomies on the oval and eating lots of food.

What are you passionate about? What is it that you love doing?

Being Coachable

George has a trainer and is slowly learning what his job here at school is. Sometimes it is like he doesn’t listen quite enough, but he keeps trying.

Do you listen carefully to advice given to you? Do you try and improve when you can?

Doing Extra

George is always giving a little bit extra to the people around him – he lets lots and lots of hands pat him every day, he gives cuddles to people who are sad and he makes lots of people laugh and smile.

Doing a bit extra is not hard – do you help in your classroom? Do you put a smile on your friend's faces or make them laugh? Do you help out at home?

Being Prepared

George has a big sleep every night so that he can be at his best for his days at school. He reminds me to get his lunch, toys and warm jumper in the morning.

Do you prepare for your school day with a long sleep? Are you organised for your day?

All of the things that have been spoken about require no talent at all, just perhaps a little bit of thought occasionally! If George can do it, I certainly know that you can do it too! However, we must say that nearly everyone has their bad days no matter how much they try. George has made some choices recently that were not the most appropriate. He has been constantly barking and being bossy all day at Doggy Daycare, and not listening to the people in charge. This has meant he has had to have some thinking and reset time at home. Yes, George was suspended from Daycare! But we are all helping him to move forward in a positive manner and face these new challenges one day at a time. Hopefully, he will be back with his friends soon.

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