George's Journey

23 September 2022 in Community

George payroll Sept22

George has been busy the last couple of weeks continuing to settle into school life. He has been out and about around the school grounds visiting lots of classes, and is a regular visitor to Year 7 Health whilst Ms Watson is teaching. George also enjoyed the performances at the Junior School Extravaganza on Wednesday night. Well done everyone!

He has been enjoying all the visitors that come to see him at his office before and after school, at recess and at lunch. He has grown so much that he now has an outside pen area to meet and greet his visitors. New families visiting GMAS for the first time are also being welcomed by George.

George’s training with Geo Bay Dog Training has continued over the last two weeks with good progress (maybe a B+). He has also started puppy school at Heritage Vets on Monday nights.

With all this activity he spends most of his spare time in his office napping, and growing! How much will he grow over the school holidays?

Talking of school holidays—what do you have planned? George is going on holiday to Dunsborough to stay with Ms Fontanella. Make sure to lock your shoes up Ms Fontanella!!

George wishes everyone a safe and happy school holidays, and he looks forwards to hearing about your holiday adventures when you return next term.

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